Stick'em Quicker Adhesive

Stick'em Quicker Adhesive

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 Stick'em Quicker

This lash adhesive is perfect for volume, sets up in about 2-3 seconds, it is a little bit thicker (so it won't close up those beautiful fans), is a true black and has amazing retention!  Perfect for classic lashes too.  You only need a teeny tiny amount!

We have been using Stick'em Quicker for over 4-years now and it works in the middle of summer with 75% humidity in air-conditioning, it works in the middle of winter in 16-degree rooms and 28% humidity and under the heater.  Great for those new to volume.

 It will be thinner in lower humidities and will take a little longer to set up (so please use less adhesive) and it will be faster and thicker in the higher humidities (so you might need to use slightly more adhesive and need to refresh the adhesive drop you are working from more often)


Made in Germany with low fume and flexible hold


Available in 2ml and 5ml