Stick Stick Boom! Quick Dry Lash Glue/Adhesive

Stick Stick Boom! Quick Dry Lash Glue/Adhesive

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 Stick Stick Boom!

This is our newest baby and how do we love it!  Feedback we have had from experienced techs is that they have never used anything like it - the retention is out of this world!

We have used it during winter with humidity of 30-35% and with the start of our summer here in Brisbane with humidity sitting at over 60%.

Best temperatures for this adhesive is between 20-22 degrees, when the room is too cool it can take to long to set up for you.


Works perfectly with our other new addition Accelerate to speed up your adhesive no matter the temperature or humidty


It is a true black black with a medium viscosity - it's not too thin and not too thick - Just right!


Made in Korea with lowish fume and flexible hold.


Available in 5ml only.  Recommended to be replaced every month for best results