Selfie Ring Light


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The key to a great selfie is great lighting. But unless you take your selfies in professionally-lit photo studios (I’m guessing you don’t), finding the perfect lighting is tricky.

Enter the SELFIE RING LIGHT!  Compatible with all phones, iPads, iPods and tablets.  

A hard-shell ring with cool touch LED lighting with three levels of brightness. Think bathroom vanity lighting, but in a good way.

The SELFIE RING has one bright but ultra-flattering strip of LEDs along its sides, so you can get that perfect soft glow every time.

It takes 2x AAA batteries (not included) and has a button on the back that acts as a power switch and a dimmer—tap the button once to turn the SELFIE RING on, twice to BRIGHTEN and three times for ULTRA BRIGHT with the fourth to turn off.


Available in Black and White - please select your colour choice from the drop down menu