Endure Lash Organic Make-up Removal and Drying Cloths

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EndureLash® Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth is specially designed to help remove eyeshadow and eyeliner without snagging, pulling or shedding into your eyelash extensions. This cloth is reusable for up to 9 months and made with Organic Bamboo and Organic Cotton. 

EndureLash® Organic Eyelash Drying Cloth is the first drying cloth of its kind specifically for eyelash extensions. The drying cloth is designed with a unique fabric weave and spin that that protects eyelash extensions from being snagged and broken during the drying process, meaning fewer lost lashes and better maintenance between refills.

This cloth is made from 100% Organic Cotton,  absorbing excess water and beautifully feathering the lashes back in place.

EndureLash cloths are an Eco-friendly skin care product, reusable for up to 9 months and a perfect retail product for your clients.  RRP is $35.10 per cloth.


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