Diamond Cube Eclipse Lashes - Matte Finish - C Curl


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Diamond Cube Eclipse Lashes are a more matte appearance to the BIS Flat lash that we also stock.

What are Flat Lashes or Eclipse Lashes?  Rather than the traditional Lash Extension that is round at the base these are FLAT so they have a wider area that secures onto the natural lash - hugging it basically with adhesive creating a fuller lash line appearance, some reports of longer retention due to the 'hugging' of the natural lash.  

Flat Lashes are also known as Eclipse Lashes and give the appearance of a fuller lash with a lighter weight lash, perfect for clients with natural healthy lashes to create a glam look!

These lashes are a matte natural finish. 

Available in single sizes from 8mm - 15mm - 16 lines a tray.  Please select your lash length from the drop down menu