Fox Cosmetics 101 Basic Henna Class - Melbourne 14th October 2019

Fox Cosmetics 101 Basic Henna Class - Melbourne 14th October 2019

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Introducing Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna 101!

Do you have:

  • Clients with missing hair?
  •  Hard to shape brows?  
  • Hair that grows in totally the wrong place?  
  • How about curly hairs?  
  • Thick coarse hair?
  •  Baby fine hair?
  • Grey or white hairs that JUST WON'T HOLD THE TINT!!!

Have your been wondering what all this brow henna buzz is all about?


Well we have created the brow henna class for you!  

Our classes are look and learn with a live demo and cover:

🌿 Henna brow design
🌿 Colour theory
🌿 How to mix and blend colours
🌿 Skin anatomy
🌿 Hair anatomy
🌿 What even is henna?
🌿 How does henna work?
🌿 When won’t henna work?
🌿 Consults and when to not use henna, tint or wax
🌿 Become THE brow expert your customers are looking for!
🌿 The TRUTH of how brow henna is created and used, with our training we aim to make you so knowledgable that you can pick up any henna product (or brow tint for that matter) and work with it.
🌿  How to use tint or henna the best way on your clients brows to get that sharp line
🌿 Consults and waivers
🌿 What to do when a client just isn't suitable for your business
🌿 How to create the ultimate brow for your client and create a raving fan!
🌿 How to really map those brows out
🌿 How to discuss brow rehab with your clients and support them through the 'growing in' phase
🌿 Full colour manual and certificate!
🌿 Ongoing support


Melanie will also be going over basic shaping to create the best brows for your client.  

We introduced brow henna to Australia over four years ago when we hosted advanced lash and brow artistry training and we fell in love with Brow Henna.  .  

Our Brow Henna has a natural base and is only mixed with water - no other products are needed to use it.

The course is for four hours, it is a look’n’learn class so you will be playing with the henna and seeing a live demo.   



Cost is $550, including a traing Kit worth over $400, full colour manual and certificate.  4 x before and after photos are needed for your certification.



WHEN: Monday 14th October 2019

TIME: 10am - 2pm

WHERE:  Browology, with Master Brow Henna Trainer, Melanie Jane. Shop 4/74-78 O’Shanassy Street, Sunbury (Melbourne), Victoria

No discounts are available for training courses


 The fine print: 

Due to the smaller numbers for this class there is no deposit system, full payment is due at time of booking.  Your place can be transferred to another course as long as you provide 7 days notice that you can not attend.   Cancellations within 7 days will be charged at 50% of total course fees, no-shows or on the day cancellations will be charged at 100% of total course fees.

Minimum numbers are required for this class to go ahead.  If minimums are not met you will be refunded in full for your training fee.  No other costs will be covered by Mandy or Melanie Jane.


There are no refunds on training.  By completing your purchase you agree to these terms.