Brow Henna by Irina Levchuk



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Brow henna by Irina Levchuk.  We just can't keep up to demand for this amazing brow product!


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Those of you who have taken Irina Levchuk's advanced brow courses know how much she loves brow henna.  If you can tint you can brow henna! Creates a more natural, long lasting effect for your clients. 

Now  in 12 colours!  

The Blonde's

Blonde #1 Pearl blonde, the lightest colour, for fair clients

Blonde #2 Light blonde, a bit deeper, but still light enough for very fair clients

Blonde #3 Light chestnut, a bit more warmth and creates a slight skin stain

Blonde #4 Golden Blonde, a slightly deeper warm blonde

Blonde #5 Dark Blond,  a true cool based blonde - can be mixed with other blondes to cool them down - FAVOURITE!

The Brunette's

Brunette #1 Neutral Brown, for redheads, dark blonde or those that don't want noticeable brows

Brunette #2 Cold Coffee - medium red brown, neutral cold coffee shade, suits most clients

Brunette #3 Rich Taupe, suits darker clients or those wanting a visible stain

Brunette #4  Dark Chocolate, perfect colour for Brunettes who need a bit more warmth or darker blondes for noticeable brows

Brunette #5 Frosty Auburn, A deep rich brown suitable for most skin types



Amber - that can be added to any colour to warm it up and to fill white hairs

Graphite (Black) - that can be added to any colour to cool it down or make it darker.


You can purchase any of the colours

  • individually, 
  • the Blonde 3 pack - shades #1 #2 and #3 only
  • the Brunette 3 pack - shades #1 #2 and #3 only
  • 8 pack which has both blonde and brunette 3 packs and the amber and graphite (black) colour correctors
  • or all 12 colours in a pack for a discounted price

please select what option you would like from the drop down menu.

This henna is only mixed with straight clean water - no extra products needed!  No peroxides, no amonia, no scrubs, special mixing products and no sealants.  You can use your pre and post waxing, sugaring or threading products :)  Most brow artists will get at least 50 brows a tube up to 100.

 Also you can mix any of the colours to custom blend them for your clients to create the perfect colour.

Please note this is a naturally based product with over 99% of the ingredients coming from plants so there will be differences in each batch so please check your colours before using them on clients to see what the outcome will be. 


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