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I get asked a lot about the henna for brows.  Henna is amazing and I just love it! It comes in three shades 1-light, 2-medium and 3-dark and each can be mixed to customise the color for you client.  The henna by LBDesign is a powder and is mixed only with water so greatly reduces the chance of reaction with your clientele.  I find the best result comes when I apply the henna in the shape of the desired shape that the client and I want, then shape the brows using wax, sugar, thread and tweezing, also I do a lash tint the lashes in this time.  Remove excess with a disposable Spoolie brush, wipe over with damp cotton rounds and the client is ready to go!  The stain on the skin will last 7-28 days ofcourse this is totally dependant on the individuals skin type, lifestyle and skin care.  The henna stain on the hair, afters few monthly applications, will remain in the hair at their next appointment, so it is amazing on white, resistant and grey hair.

Henna creates a natural look on the client and a skin stain which fills in any gaps behind the brow creating a powdery make up finish for them. 

Please note this is a natural based product using 4 different hennas from different origins, cacao, true indigo and the very last ingredient is 2,4-diamiophenoxyethanol - which helps the colour from the henna to get into the hair. 


Do you need to patch test this product?  This is something you need to discuss with your insurance company :)  This product is mainly of natural origin but people can be allergic to anything, for example Tea Tree is natural but if you drink even a tea spoon of it you will be very sick!  


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