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Welcome!  I have been A beauty therapist for over 18 years and have been a lash technician for the last 7 years.  There have been a great number of changes in our industry  over the last few years with one of the biggest in my opinion being the latest in lash extensions-Russian Volume.  I first saw this amazing technique on FaceBook in a posting by Irina Levchuk, director of the Lash&Brow Academy in Moscow, Russia.  Irina is a master lash artist and trainer and I just had to get her here to Australia to learn this new technique.  In February this year (2014) we made this happen!  We not only learnt Russian Volume but also Advanced Eyebrow Architecture and Slide&Tap, a new style of gentle eyebrow tattooing created by Irina Levchuk herself.  


During the training I noticed that the Australian market was missing quite a few essential items at reasonable prices for qualified technicians, so I decided to change that!  We are adding new items, many not available currently in Australia, to our web store currently, hopefully you will find what you are looking for.  


Very soon we will be stocking Irina Levchuk's own line of Russian Volume Lashes, quick dry glue, Semi-Permanent Brow Color, Henna, specialised volume tweezers and Slide&Tap pigments.


Till next time... Remember Beauty is all in your Attitude. It's your Beatitude xx


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