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Russian Volume Training Announced! December 04 2015



We are super excited to welcome Jodie Burwood from Lash Sublime in Perth to Brisbane for a very special Russian Volume Training course. We are the gals who introduced the Australian Lash community to Irina Levchuks amazing true Russian Volume Lash technique.

What will you receive from this training?

  • Two trainers (plenty of one on one time)
  • Amazing kit with only items you will want and need to use
  • Irina Levchuk's AMAZING volume tweezers - the best in business
  • Two Certificates
  • The most in-depth lash manual you will ever see!
  • How to create neat Russian Volume Lashes - wide fans, thin fans, light fans and heavy fans
  • How to check your work and isolate correctly
  • Tricks and Tips on how to create healthy safe sets for your clients
  • You will learn the in and outs, the how and the why of everything lashy! 
  • All and any of the information Jodie and Mandy have from their joint 20 years of lashing and over 30 years in the beauty industry is yours!
  • Special student discounts 

And of course your lunch, snacks, tea and coffee is provided :)

Course is over 2 full days, you will need three models and will be held in Hendra, Brisbane.

Further Questions? Please either email
Mandy - (reply to this email)
Jodie -

Irina Levchuk Is Coming Back! June 16 2015



We are super excited to be bringing the international award winning trainer Irina Levchuk from Lash & Brow Design in Russia back to Brisbane.  She will be teaching Russian Volume Lash Extensions, Advanced Masterclass in Russian Volume, Brow Design, Microblading of the brows and eyeliner.  Limited spaces are available!

Email for the full information brochure including dates, costs and description of classes.

Going on Safari! June 16 2015


I'm very excited to say I am off on safari as of the 20th June 2015 :) so the last and final time for orders before I leave is 19th June 2015 at 9pm.  

Orders can be placed while I am away but won't be sent off till I return to work on the 6th July 2015.


Thank you for your understanding :)


Closed for the Weekend! March 12 2015

Hello!  We will be closed for the weekend from the 13th March for a family wedding and will be back to send out orders on 17th March 2015.  


Sorry for any inconvenience!

**POSTPONED*** 7 Different Styles of Volume with Loreta March 03 2015


I am sorry to say this course has been postponed to November 2015 :( please check back for updates!


I am beyond excited to announce that I have organised for Loreta from  Flawless Lashes in the UK to come to Brisbane on the 27th and 28th of April this year!  Loreta will be sharing with us all her lash secrets and her 7 different methods of creating soft, full volume fans, let there be no doubt that everyone will find their favorite way of creating lovely fans.


This new technique of lash application that is taking the Eyelash Extension Industry by storm! Now, it is possible for clients with sparse natural lashes to be styled by this new Russian Volume method resulting in a full volume luxurious soft lash line!!

The Russians were the first to invent this technique called 2D-6D RUSSIAN VOLUME. Throughout the world, many Master Lash Artists have been adapting their own techniques in mastering this new revolutionary method of applying between two to six extremely high quality thin extensions fanned onto each natural lash.

Russian Volume – Hollywood Volume lashes are- using thinner extensions to create fullness that classic eyelash extensions sometimes can’t give to your client! Volume lashes are individual eyelash application using very thin, soft, light extensions. Volume lashes are individual lash application, created by placing few multiple lashes on one natural lash and keeping the natural lashes healthy.

Book your Russian Volume Lash Training by world famous Volume lash trainer and Master Lash Artist- Loreta J, who has surpassed herself in fine-tuning Russian Volume to create exquisite masterpieces that simply are breath taking.

Book your place here

This course is over two intense days, 10am- 6pm and we do require minimum 1 year experience in individual eyelash extension application. Proof of your certificate is required before you book a course.

Want more information?  You can email me at



History and rules of Russian Volume

Which extensions are suitable

Advanced Volume lash pick up

Correct amount of adhesive

7 Different Russian Volume techniques

How to achieve 2D- 3D Look

How to achieve 4D-6D Look

Key Points in Volume application

How to in fill, aftercare of Volume Lashes

Correct 2D-6D pick up, Styling

Tips and tricks


Practice on 2 live models

Continuous Mentor Support 



1x JetSet eyelash adhesive (one of the most popular adhesives on the market)

5x trays of 0.07 thickness lashes (single length trays)

1x pair of straight tweezers

1x of Volume tweezers

Brow Henna March 01 2015

I get asked a lot about the henna for brows.  Henna is amazing and I just love it! It comes in three shades 1-light, 2-medium and 3-dark and each can be mixed to customise the color for you client.  The henna by LBDesign is a powder and is mixed only with water so greatly reduces the chance of reaction with your clientele.  I find the best result comes when I apply the henna in the shape of the desired shape that the client and I want, then shape the brows using wax, sugar, thread and tweezing, also I do a lash tint the lashes in this time.  Remove excess with a disposable Spoolie brush, wipe over with damp cotton rounds and the client is ready to go!  The stain on the skin will last 7-28 days ofcourse this is totally dependant on the individuals skin type, lifestyle and skin care.  The henna stain on the hair, afters few monthly applications, will remain in the hair at their next appointment, so it is amazing on white, resistant and grey hair.

Henna creates a natural look on the client and a skin stain which fills in any gaps behind the brow creating a powdery make up finish for them. 

Please note this is a natural based product using 4 different hennas from different origins, cacao, true indigo and the very last ingredient is 2,4-diamiophenoxyethanol - which helps the colour from the henna to get into the hair. 


Do you need to patch test this product?  This is something you need to discuss with your insurance company :)  This product is mainly of natural origin but people can be allergic to anything, for example Tea Tree is natural but if you drink even a tea spoon of it you will be very sick!  


Welcome lash and brow artists! February 24 2014

Welcome!  I have been A beauty therapist for over 18 years and have been a lash technician for the last 7 years.  There have been a great number of changes in our industry  over the last few years with one of the biggest in my opinion being the latest in lash extensions-Russian Volume.  I first saw this amazing technique on FaceBook in a posting by Irina Levchuk, director of the Lash&Brow Academy in Moscow, Russia.  Irina is a master lash artist and trainer and I just had to get her here to Australia to learn this new technique.  In February this year (2014) we made this happen!  We not only learnt Russian Volume but also Advanced Eyebrow Architecture and Slide&Tap, a new style of gentle eyebrow tattooing created by Irina Levchuk herself.  


During the training I noticed that the Australian market was missing quite a few essential items at reasonable prices for qualified technicians, so I decided to change that!  We are adding new items, many not available currently in Australia, to our web store currently, hopefully you will find what you are looking for.  


Very soon we will be stocking Irina Levchuk's own line of Russian Volume Lashes, quick dry glue, Semi-Permanent Brow Color, Henna, specialised volume tweezers and Slide&Tap pigments.


Till next time... Remember Beauty is all in your Attitude. It's your Beatitude xx